Natural wood products have a different grain and appearance and these are what give wood it's natural character. Spalli uses these natural qualities in its designs and aims to bring out the essential qualities of the wood. Because of these natural characteristics, actual products may look slightly different than pictured.

We select only highest quality materials available and source them from certified FSC suppliers, making sure that we govern a sustainable business model.

We use the following types of wood:

Solid wood: Spalli is specialized in solid wood manufacturing and we use thick, solid wood in all our products. Only the highest quality wood is used in our products.

Veneer: We use veneers in combination with multiplex panels, only where solid wood is not suitable to be used, to ensure that our products will have a beautiful and long life.

Plywood: Made by using poplar solid wood. Poplar plantations are quick-growing (they have an approximately 7-10 year lifecycle) and the provided timber is an easily renewable raw material.

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