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MARE is one of those leathers that simply exudes elegance. A timeless beauty that looks and feels rich and luxurious. What’s amazing is that it stays beautiful for years on end, for generation after generation.

Boasting a surface that’s slightly buffed and printed, the result is a uniformity that many architects and designers prefer. Especially when using MARE for a series of products, the uniform surface and subtle texture will contribute to a more cohesive look.

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Galileo is an inviting, elegant leather with a modern look, It is a light, pigmented leather with a slight texture to its smooth, matt surface. The effect is a very clean look in a leather that’s a pleasure to touch, look at and live with.

Galileo exudes an understated sense of luxury, without imposing itself on the surroundings or the object.

Galileo comes in dozens and dozens of colors. Each family of colors features an array of subtle tones with various gradations of hues to choose from.

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Mediteraneo exudes exclusivity and elegance, is the kind of leather that makes a room come alive. And that makes you feel drawn to come over and touch it.

It is a leather on which you can feel the richness, the smoothness, it is without a doubt, a luxurious leather with substance and soul.

Mediteraneo is ideal for a wide array of projects within interior decor. From the the private sector to hotels and restaurants

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At first glance, it’s clear that NUBUCK is quite high-end. When you come closer you’ll find that it’s an exquisite leather with a subtle texture and a velvety-like touch. The silky, smooth surface makes it ideal for items you can reach out and touch, such as chairs, sofas and other decorative elements.

The colors span a spectrum of rich earthy hues, featuring a subtle gradation of shades from dark to medium to light. All with a discrete natural grain that’s unique to each hide.

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