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OPTIMO is category 1 leather.

A chrome-free Protected leather, surprisingly firm, very durable and practical, OPTIMO has a light surface coating that makes it water resistant, designed to protect the leather from any stains, fading or wear and tear over time.

It’s no coincidence that our name for this collection is OPTIMO. It’s the ideal, optimal leather that can be used for almost any type of furniture or design concept. The fine surface pattern gives it a uniform look, which also makes it easy to work with.

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Envy is category 1 leather.

Smooth to the touch with a slight sheen to the surface, it’s a captivating leather that awakens the senses. Look closer and you can see very subtle natural markings, which are minimised via a special sanding process. Add to that a light, transparent wax that helps protect the surface and the result is a lovely feel with a brilliant sense of depth.

Beautiful browns, a distinctive black, a gorgeous grey and a serene green make an attractive palette of must-have colours with a discreet, yet intriguing, two-toned effect.

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Flux is category 1 leather.

FLUX® is a brand new type of protected leather that resembles nubuck, with a matt look akin to neoprene.

It’s an innovative leather that we developed in close collaboration with architect and designer David Thulstrup, featuring a velvety-soft surface with a muted effect that’s ultra modern.

The name FLUX® reflects this fusion of concepts: nubuck and neoprene in a protected leather. A hybrid leather that’s especially appealing for architects and designers operating on the global arena. In an industry that’s in a constant state of flux.

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Nuance is category 1 leather.

NUANCE has a remarkable depth and dimension that exudes authenticity, with the added advantage that it’s designed to be durable. It’s a new type of Protected leather we developed in close collaboration with Space Copenhagen, where the nuances are seen in the natural texture as well as the tones.

With NUANCE, the realness and the richness truly come through in a leather that’s lush to the touch. The natural patterns and imperfections are visible, reflecting the innate beauty of each hide.

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Dunes is category 2 leather.

DUNES® is an exclusive Aniline leather with a natural, rustic look and a sublime, almost velvety tactile feel. Achieved via a process of sanding and applying a special type of leather oil to the surface. At the same time, DUNES® boasts a matt look that’s raw with a touch of understated elegance.

Part of DUNES®’ extra appeal are the natural markings which bring a unique personality to each hide.

Colour tones will also vary from hide to hide and within each individual hide. Watch for a beautiful patina that will appear over time as a result of the leather’s usage, exposure to daylight and interior lighting. With use, the leather will become shinier and smoother over time.

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Savane is category 2 leather.

SAVANNE® is the icon of Semi-anilines and the preferred choice of Danish design classics.

Part of what makes iconic designs so iconic is their eternal appeal, using a leather that can withstand the test of time. It’s just one reason why SAVANNE® is a forever favourite and why we call it “an all-time Sørensen classic”.

Matt with a subtle shine, SAVANNE® is a natural full grain leather with visible pores on the smooth surface, adding character and authenticity to any project imaginable. It also has a soft touch and feel that makes it extremely comfortable. As a Semi-aniline, the surface has a special finish that helps protect it from stains and exposure to light.

SAVANNE® collection has received the LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX® certification.

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